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6/17/2006, Day 2 Journal: I'm still waiting to meet the rude New York PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006


Note: Various parts of this website (probably including this entry) won't be updated until tomorrow due to lack of a net connection. I'm working on that, I promise.

Spent the first half of today in the city, networking on the ground and trying to get access to a workspace. After about three hours, I found the right person at the perfect place to actually listen to my story. (Thanks, Jessica!) She saw the value of what I'm trying to do and helped pass me up the line of her management (thanks, unnamed Jessica's boss and boss^2!); the proposal I've made will be escalated through the week, so with luck the Right People will recognize the potential for this thing. Generally, I have high hopes that the momentum behind this project will continue unabated for its duration.

Starting tomorrow, I'll have some actual internet access, so I can finally record and upload videos longer than 45 seconds. I'll also actually be able to crank out some business documents and start to update the Million Dollar Destiny website; the way MySpace's filmmaker accounts support video is great for finished films, but definitely not useful for ongoing logs. I'll try to modify the whole site accordingly, and maybe work on a front-end trailer for the project.

Spent my midday break today in a small plaza watching a dance team tear the place up (video was taken on the big camera and will be uploaded once I can convert it) . . . as soon as they finished, this fantasy-perfect newlywed couple showed up for pictures by the fountain. Holy perfect New York wedding, Batman!

Went back to the same place in Brooklyn to eat dinner and crash; two nights is probably all I can expect there, so tomorrow I'll have to crunch and find another couch. While the normal residents of that horror-movie-perfect converted loft had a cocktail party, I slipped off to one of the back rooms and made networking calls for about four hours. Ended the day with four new staffers (two more volunteers to help push this site online, an as-needed project advisor and a professional graphic/web designer who has been briefed on the big business plan and was willing to come onboard for it).

My New York network didn't grow as much today as I would have liked; I'll need to spend some time tomorrow pushing that, especially if I want a place to sleep.

Days in the city are pretty amazing. I'm well-accustomed to sitting in downtown Chicago, watching and interacting with people, but New York is completely different in so many ways...here, amazing things can come out of nowhere and create breathtaking moments in a way that I've never seen it.

Yep, definitely falling for this city.

Remi Frazier, hoping he doesn't blow it and propose to the city before she's ready, saying good night.

Listening to: A bulldozer dragging a 2-ton steel plate down the street, making noises like Odin's jackhammer.

Total times lost for no good reason: 8 (3 new)
- Street numbers ascend north and east, not north and west. Next time don't assume that Third Avenue must just be a fluke between Fifth and Eighth.
- The L Train isn't the same as the C Train, no matter how much you want it to be.
- Don't follow the horse-drawn cabs. They're up to no good.
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