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6/26/2006, Day 11 Journal: A constant flood of visual stimulation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Tuesday, 27 June 2006

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can always tell the nature of a city by its art.

New York, of course, is no exception.

Was invited to the Drink at Work show in downtown Manhattan tonight; they were sweet enough to give me some precious stage time, even though this project has a much different kind of energy to it than their show (driven, savvy and philosophical versus upbeat, savvy and entertaining).  I was so impressed with what they had onstage; maybe this is just the way of things, but all of their artists were people I already know, and at least one is someone whose work I've followed regularly for years.  The entire presentation was quite impressive to me; stagecraft is something I have the tools to analyze very critically, and the folks at this show had a great grasp on how to work with their audience.

The overall quality of art here is pretty incredible.  The streets of Manhattan are filled with moving works of art, people who dress and act with aesthetics that they are very conscious of.  Fashion has always been an enigma to me, but now I'm developing a deep respect and fascination for the idea of dress and presentation as an art form. 

One of my favorite things to do in Chicago is to sit in the downtown business districts and watch for power brokers, men in nice suits with perfect power walks; I'll follow them for blocks to watch people subconsciously move out of their way.  I've never figured out how they develop that . . . in New York, though, it's like that game is played for the art more than the power.  Fashion in this city is as fundamental an art form as theater or music, and since it's so new to me, the art is completely magical to me.  I love working in downtown in the evenings, walking through the streets on my phone and just watching people.  There is form and function in how they interact, and I love that I can see that, and that I can interact with it if I want to.

And I love that I can change its nature by breaking the rules and talking to people.  Because when they find real dialogue, they suddenly get interesting.  They say New York is the city of eight million stories . . . every one I hear is amazing.

Remi, promising that he'll take time for a meatier entry tomorrow, off for a full night's sleep.

Time lost for no good reason:
- If you're standing outside the wrong club at 4:30, there's actually surprisingly little chance that it will magically become the right club at 5:30 when your meeting is.  Even if you wait until 6:00, just in case.
- The Uptown 6 train, can you guess which side of Manhattan it goes to?  Eleven days on these things and you still don't get it, do you.  But guess what?  It's an express, and when you finally manage to switch to the right train, you'll get to discover the magic of 30-minute delays due to trackwork.  Hooray.
- Does getting lost in the exact same place you did on Day 3 count?  At least now you have the number of someone who works in the area to call.
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