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6/18/2006, Day 3 Journal: Memo to Trump Tower: Balconies, mirrors and trees do not ecological PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006


Split a long day 30/70 between phone calls and computer work, respectively. A social network in NYC is finally starting to coalesce... When I'm on these adventures, I tend to forget that other people aren't used to operating at the pace of breakneck insanity, and may take A Whole Day to call back. The horror. I'd love to say I've actually exceeded the pace of action in this city, but I know I'll be proven wrong come Monday.

Spent a lot of time today bringing the online half of this project up to speed. It's not perfect, not by a long shot, but the content is up to speed now.

I rode into Brooklyn today seeking a good cup of coffee before I started work in Manhattan. Walked down into the subway to Manhattan chatting with Ron from New Jersey who was in town for a few days; he and I talked for a while about the film and so forth. We got off around Central Park together, and he was kind enough to supply me with both breakfast and contacts in the city.

I used most of the middle of the day to bolster my social network, still looking for places to sleep. That may have been the most networky three hours I've spent yet; I came out of it with a couch to crash on and probably ten contacts here I never would have found without serious help.

The city has a different character on Sundays, this subtle shift in feel; it's like the whole place softens a little and contemplates rolling itself back to 1950. Much calmer.

I worked through the night in Manhattan. I spent much of my time researching business practices specific to my general plan. The end resolution I came to was this: I'll need to delve more substantially into businesses than I had originally hoped. Further, I'll need to split my approach between standard overtures to large corporations and lateral processes to reach individuals within them. Monday and Tuesday will call for schmoozing at a whole new level.

Somewhat unexpectedly I connected with a friend for dinner; when the bill came, she picked the whole tab up. Very generous. Apparently to-go boxes are not a New York convention, however -- the dinner that I carefully divided to also provide a breakfast was whisked away without ado or possibility of return.

Don't steal a man's beef entree, is all I'm saying.

Anyhow, I also reconnected by phone with a socialite I knew back in college, and I was finally able to play my Tall Mysterious Stranger routine with her when I scheduled a film interview without explaining The Deal to her. It should be quite entertaining for both of us, I think; she's a great character.

I broke down and caved to the whimsy of New York chocolate cheesecake, however. Don't tell my budget hawks.

Actually, don't tell my mom. She'd have my head for not sharing it. (It was so good, too, Mom.)

Okay, before I pull a second all-nighter . . . this is Remi Frazier, saying good night.

Listening to: Some sort of sad jazz against the backdrop of Broadway's slow traffic.

Total times lost for no good reason: 16 (6 new)
- Queens is not Brooklyn.
- There wasn't a coffee shop down that alley.
- She said 47th Street, not 41st.
- 47th and 41st were both in the other direction.
- Street numbers ascend north and west, not north and east. Don't spread misinformation via the internet.
- The things that look like subway entrances are subway entrances more often than they are church entrances. Seriously, what were you thinking?

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