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Written by Remi Frazier   
Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Big news from Remi tonight:  We're on schedule.


So, coming into this week I put together a list a deadlines and milestones.  This isn't particularly different from any other week:  I've been doing that on a daily basis since we started.  I've started rephrasing the daily checklists and posting them as Day X Previews so people can follow along.   (I'm rephrasing because daily viewers are probably more interested in following the themes of actions than trying to deciper my chicken-scratch.  For example, I'll post "Network into corporations to schedule pitch meetings" online, where in my trusty notebook I have "contact P.Davidson/RCO/connect to GHBO corp/cite filmworks and lever via ballsiness" or something similar.)


This week the milestones are somewhat more substantial because our objectives are quite clear at this point.  This is tough, because we can't push action items around on the schedule...but it's also really great, because it means I don't have to figure out how to redirect the course of the project on a hourly basis.  We now have a very clear set of endpoints, so we have a clear set of task lists, so I have a very specific task calendar for the week.

And I'm pleased to report we're on schedule.

Everything is going to come together here at the end; I'll have all the parts of this puzzle ready to try to convince someone else to put together.  I have several new interested parties who are considering the idea of purchasing it, as well as others who have already been in the works.  (Sorry, still no names.  In fact, plan on probably no names released until we find a buyer.)

Of course, the problem is, as always, the idea of selling this to them in the next few days.  Most of the potential purchasers are reviewing our written material to make a decision, and I'm finding it tough to get the kind of climactic board room meeting where I have my Mantool at one end of a table and they have a check at the other.

On the other hand, there have been several offers for me to consider a profit-sharing option on the Mantool.  Which is great...just not what I'm going for.  The idea behind the project was to rush for a big strike, and I'm going to continue on that path.

So, here's what we have left:

  • Big media push:  The Million Dollar Destiny Project is getting plenty of media attention; it's great if we can maintain that.  Volunteer Coordinator Rick and the Army of Volunteers are working hard to build grassroots buzz; I'll continue to respond to the hits we're already getting.  (Interviewed with 90.7 WFUV yesterday; that airs tomorrow and Saturday with an archived version available Saturday.)
  • Continue market research push:  We need to get more data in for our market research surveys on the Mantool so we have a good statistical base to prove the value of the product.  Chad Whitacre and Andrew Young have been helping immensely on this; once we have all our surveys in, they'll get dumped into a database for collation.  Hooray!  (That's how I respond to any major task automation, by the way.  Oh, also, can you tell that I'm relaxing as we go into the final stages here and this becomes a series of known problems rather than a series of unknown problems?  [It's like the difference between solving an ODE and a PDE.])
  • Finish our nice attractive presentation packages.  Powerpoint ho! and on till morning's light.  Of course, this includes collating a huge amount of data and information in one point, so it'll be a bear to do.  Also, since it looks unlikely that I'll be able to get Meridith out here to present with me, I need to prepare to do any pitches on my own, which has done us fine on the phone.
  • Finish the final Mantool website.  Paul Miller's been working on this, and I stole some of the vector graphics from him to make my own Mantool.  It was hot.
  • Gosh, is that it now?  Talk about closing loose ends up...

Final sponsorships are rolling in from companies now; we've potentially got some great ones to announce tomorrow.  Things are going great!  The staff has really stepped it up; we have several people working overtime every day on this, as well as our part-time staff pushing hard and the Army of Volunteers growing daily.  We've added staffers and I've delegated a lot of management to other people, and the overall effort has really picked up.

We can always use more help.  If you're interested, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Rick Blodgett, at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Thank you!


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