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6/23/2006, Day 8 Journal: A first glimpse of the coming storm? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Saturday, 24 June 2006

Important note:  Today's video log hasn't been uploaded due to bandwidth issues; it is a 10-minute Week 1 review and will be posted tomorrow.  I'm also considering splitting daily logs into three sections for the remainder of the project (social aspects / business aspects / product-specific aspects).

Today turned into this fantastic accidental tour of some great places in the city.  Started my day in the city in Little Italy, which is every bit as pristinely cinematic as you could have hoped, from flags to food to crowds.

Flew from lunch in lower Manhattan to coffee by Central Park, caught up with an old friend and then walked through the park for a while.  It's a pretty darned impressive place, and I suspect I haven't begun to graze its surface yet.

Then it was a rush again from Central Park to Brooklyn's Chinatown for sushi.  Oh, the sushi.  The sushi, the sushi, the sushi.  Wow.  I've had it done very well before, but this was an art form.  And, most importantly to this mountain man, it was fresh. 

It rained tonight.  For some reason, I've always associated a certain kind of rainstorm with change in my life . . . I can't help but wonder if that will hold true this time.

Remi, realizing that compared to where he was one week ago, three quality meals plus a top-notch cup of coffee and a place to set his boots is a pretty big step up, taking a full night's sleep for once.

Listening to: The last drops of a surprise rainstorm clattering through the streets below, cutting through the muggy city day like sunlight through a dusty barn near Smallville.

Total times lost for no good reason: 36 (3 new)
- Trains, trains, trains.  Why can't they just have a "Northbound" label on them?
- If you follow the flashing lights to see what the commotion is, why not just ask the traffic officer for directions?  You can't possibly be intimidated, he's clearly standing a little bit on his toes and still looking at your chest.
- Don't even tell me you walked through Little Italy for the first time and didn't get sidetracked disastrously.  Admit it.  Good.
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