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6/19/2006, Day 4 Journal: She has to be okay with my boots PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006


Stumbled into south Brooklyn at about noon and had a brisk four mile walk to get to my bed/couch/floor for the afternoon. This section of the borough is picture-perfect in so many ways...cookie-cutter houses slammed side-by-side, these old three-level prefab mansions that call back to classic 1950s-era photography.

I'm in Chinatown. I'm in Chinatown, in New York, and I'm probably not going to have a chance to eat Chinese food. That's like going to Chicago without having the pizza there. (Guess what I've never had in Chicago.)

Put in a very productive day today; my network is finally starting to pay off. The folks back in Colorado are working their tails off to get this site some attention, and I can't say how much I appreciate it. I've got about half of the industry contacts I need now to make this whole thing work. The next round of people will take longer, as I seek higher and higher up corporate food chains for the right fish. I'm confident I'll get meetings at that level if nothing else; the next question is whether I can get what passes for an A-list invite to a social event here. I'll let you know.

And, as my friend Sean pointed out, it's just about time for me to meet a girl in this place. Any takers?

Remi Frazier, finally about to get some sleep (That video log? Where I said I was about to go to sleep? I lied.)

Listening to: The air conditioner running in the next room. The frosty, frost air conditioner. Curse you, Al Gore, for making me turn it off.

Total times lost for no good reason: 21 (5 new)
- You're going to the south side of Brooklyn. No, the other south.
- Just because Google said there was a coffee shop nearby doesn't mean you should keep looking. Go back while you still remember the way.
- I said the other south.
- The train didn't miss your stop. Don't get off of it. No...don't...please, don't walk fifty blocks.
- The other other south?


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