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Written by Remi Frazier   
Sunday, 25 June 2006

Positioning reports are posted daily. As much information as possible will be digested into a general qualitative summary about the state of the Million Dollar Destiny project, both filmworks and business efforts. Be advised that some business aspects may be discussed only in general terms to provide safety for their intellectual property rights, to preserve the sanctity of ongoing business negotiations, or to allow individuals or organizations anonymity.



Spent much of today reorganizing and redirecting staff.  I'm changing the structure of the project so it can be a streamlined and effective organization without my immediate micromanagement on every effort.  In essence, it's been divided into an executive group, a product line group, and a social message/networking group.  This lets people work with total focus on either the product line or the Million Dollar Destiny project.

Market research was conducted today and will be summarized tomorrow, to be fed into the first round of concept sketches for the product.  Product website work was done today, but remains on functional hold pending the CAD work from the design process.

Assuming all goes well in the design process this weekend, one of the major pushes this week needs to be in pre-release marketing for the product and identification of machining or prototyping shops.  Much work remains to be done to start to set up pitches to companies to sell the entire product line; further, a final manufacturing line needs to be found for the product itself to be ready for release.

Several very visible milestones will be set this week to keep us on track; it could be very easy to become complacent this week and let timetables slide.

Finally, marketing for the entire project needs to scale up in some as-yet-unidentified way to help support its growing scope. 


Interviews today were postponed.  This entire week's video log will be shot on the HD camera.  About two hours of audio recorded.  More interviews are scheduled for tomorrow. 


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