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6/21/2006, Day 6 Journal: A slow and steady what? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006

Brooklyn gets quiet at night.

Every night I've stayed somewhere so far has been in Brooklyn.  And it gets quiet.

I don't know why that surprises me.  I guess I always thought that this city would have a constant bustle on every street at every hour.  And I love that it doesn't.  It gets quiet everywhere, once it gets late enough.

I love the speed of Manhattan in the day; I love slipping through crowds and buildings as if dancing through both.  But I also love how it settles and smoothes itself at night, settling back down a bit and purring for a few hours.

Like the city knows that every day, it'll have that chance to breathe.

Remi, declaring that there shall be no more double-header days without sleep in this project, and finding a floor.

Listening to:  A light breeze rustling through the few trees outside.  You folks should hear the big Colorado forests during a windstorm.

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