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Written by Remi Frazier   
Friday, 14 July 2006

It feels like the summer of 1999 suddenly.

2300ish, EST: 

And just like that, we're working like we're a business about to go public back in the dot-com boom era. 

Which holds some truth, maybe:  I've been contacted by several individuals and groups of people who are interested in becoming investors in the Mantool idea, helping take it from concept to fruition.  I don't have a read on how serious they are, but I think 24 hours will be a prohibitive period of time to raise $1MM.

Yet, despite having no declared buyer, we've switched into overdrive to finish everything up by the end of tomorrow.  We've updated our market research data with the most recent surveys and passed the resulting information on most popular tools to the designer at Paul Miller Studios.  We've narrowed our huge range of about 300 tool options down to about 75 for the final website.  While we won't have an ordering backend (and probably a brilliantly limited QA cycle), we will have the website up before the end of this project.  And since that's the thing that immediately shows how valuable the Mantool idea really is, at some level we are like one of those old dot-com startups.

By the way, the market research results were really fascinating to me:  I called what  many of the top tools would be, but the wild popularity of the handcuff key tool and the LED light blew me away.  We got a wide age range return than I was anticipating (the bell curve was wider by about 50%), as well as a pretty serious mandate that this tool needs to cost in the $75-100 range.  (Also, some of the listed hobbies were rather . . . well . . . risque.  Informative, but risque.)

A friend's Mantool merchandise arrived in the city today, giving me my first look at it.  I'm pleased.  Several people have noted that the merchandise could make a million if it was pushed and distributed right...who knows.

Meanwhile, however, we're working as hard as we can to get the total Mantool concept complete in the next 24 hours.

And just like the rest of this project, tonight's a blast.

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