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7/2/2006, Day 16: Returning to a sense of normalcy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Tuesday, 04 July 2006

Saw the city at night tonight, coming across on the train.  I've seen it once before like that in the last two weeks, but the view was much clearer on this trip. The buildings, the streets, the bridges, they're all brilliantly lit up, building brilliant silhouettes out of the islands of New York.

Every one of those lights is a story to me, just like the people here.  I feel like I've forgotten that a bit, in the last week.  I worked longer hours than I ever have, roughly balancing forty hour shifts against six hours of downtime.  Not a great call; a necessary one for the work that needed to be done, but not something I care to repeat.

The real story here for me is that of learning the city, the people, the dreams here...while bunkering down and working like I have been builds the business here, it doesn't progress the story.  It's time for me to get back out into the city, find more people, find more stories...get more sleep.

Oh, and also get my boots less stolen.  You were clever, young felon with an eye patch, when you unclipped them from my backpack as I got off the train.  You were quick, and clever, young felon.  Quick, clever, but unwise.  And not unwise in the sense of, "Don't ever steal a Colorado man's good riding boots, or he'll hunt you down, even if it takes a decade," although that's true too.  No, young felon, you were unwise to think that you would ever, ever be able to stomach wearing the pair of boots that I'd been wearing for the last two hundred hours straight with only one change of socks.  It won't end well, I promise.


Times lost counter will be updated tomorrow, I promise!  It's at like 45 now, but a bunch of those involve stumbling around downtown in a fatigued stupor.  Oh yeah, and that one creepy bathroom with two exits.

Listening to: Pet Shop Boys, New York City Boy. No kidding.

Times lost for no good reason: 43 (4 new)
- You're on the wrong side of Times Square. Think about it . . . that means you're going in the wrong direction. Just go back to where you were and start over. What do you mean, "Where is that?" Seriously, dude, you just filmed there. Refer to the tape or something.
- Running from overzealous security guards is no excuse.
- Neither are construction sites.
- Why were you in there, anyway? How was that a good idea? Did it seriously not occur to you that the broken revolving door might still open?

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