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6/20/2006, Day 5 Journal: Our eyes met for just a moment, and it was enough PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006


I saw the Statue of Liberty today.

That could be this entire entry.

I was on the N train into downtown, realizing that I still hadn't really seen the heart of downtown. I was gazing out at the buildings, pretty dumbstruck, discovering why the Brooklyn Bridge means so much to this city (the thing is like an extension of the entire metropolis, something that flows smoothly against the sea and ineffably carries the heart of the city with it . . . the perfect bridge).

And then I see her. I see the Statue of Liberty, and my heart just about stops.

Like she's some deep-held crush I never knew about, one of those girls who steals your heart away without you ever knowing it until she walks into your life for real.

I saw the Statue of Liberty today. And that could be this entire entry.

She's gotta be the only physical symbol in this country that calls to me like that. I don't know why. But it brought the heart of this whole project back to me. Because just like that statue has become more than metal and concrete, has become more than bronze skin and unseen girder skeleton, has even become something more than just a symbol for freedom but is instead a place where we keep our hope for freedom, I need this project to be more than business and money.

In fact, there's no part of this project that's really about money. It's about a goal, and it's about finding opportunity in this city to reach that goal.

Because to me, the American Dream is about opportunity. It's about having the chance, the capacity to turn a free-falling life into something meaningful. The capacity to change your direction in every way and to help the people around you while you do it.

And I feel like we're forgetting that. Our economics and politics have lost their souls, and I worry that we're following their lead. Neither business nor policy should be about power; they should be about building tools to help people be better. To help people live. And because the beasts of capitalism can be so strong, when they're unleashed without care, they can be destructive indeed, and when they are, I worry that we start to lose the ability to be strong in the face of them.

The American Dream is about opportunity. And it's about charity.

And I'm finding so much of both in this city.

I think by the end of all this, New York City and Lady Liberty will have proved my worries unfounded.

And I look forward to it.


Listening to: The steady heartbeat of a bronzed metropolis

Total times lost for no good reason: 25 (4 new)
- Wrong Chinatown, buddy.
- You can't honestly tell me you're going to count getting lost in that girl's eyes. You are. You're ridiculous. You realize that this totally makes this entry's title ambiguous. I'm glad you don't care. Good for you.
- By "Broadway and 1st," Google Maps meant "Broadway and 1st," not "Broadway and 21st." This fixation on walking is going to get you hurt.
- Honestly, it's clearly marked as a post office, and you walked past it four times. I'm just saying.

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