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6/24/2006, Day 9 Journal: Rain in New York PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Sunday, 25 June 2006

It rained today.  Plummeted from the sky in big gallops throughout the day, irregular yet drenching.  The entire city cloaked itself in mist throughout the day, making avenues and canyons terminate after just a few blocks when they should have lasted miles.

The whole city slowed down a bit more than it usually would have.  It was like each six-block area that was visible from any one point was its own tiny world.

I stood for a long time listening to a sax player downtown.  There was something ineffable in his style that called back to an earlier age in New York's history, improv jazz that was busy off looking for any of a thousand musicians in the city.  And finding none.  The player didn't mind.  For those fifteen minutes, in that mist, he owned the six-block world around him.  And people could feel it, slowing, pausing on the sidewalks to listen and watch.  The player didn't mind; he was just there for the music.

In a way, that's what I'm here for too.


Listening to: Improv something.  It's always improv something.

Total times lost for no good reason: 36 (3 new, this list includes the omitted Day 6 report)
- Oh no, you did NOT just get lost on camera.  Surely you'll edit that out.
- Don't keep going down these stairs...you're not even supposed to be in a hotel this nice, even if it is just to find a place to film.  Maybe you should take bread crumbs with you to make a trail to follow for when you're running away from security.  They tend to catch you in those pesky dead-end hallways..
- Yes, a bar mitzvah.  No, you don't fit in.  Yes, they know.  You're the worst bar mitzvah crasher every where.  And...no, you can't possibly tell me that the same security guy works here on his second shift.  That's ridiculous.
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