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Written by Remi Frazier   
Friday, 14 July 2006

Eleven down, none to go...but not disappointed.



The fact that most of the information in these paragraphs is new to most of you indicates that I need to find a full-time PR person that isn't busy managing the rest of this business. 

Over the last week I've made sixteen contacts with prospective customers to discuss the sale of the Mantool product concept.  All sixteen companies have explicitly requested to remain anonymous, a wish that I have complied with to a fault.  Several of them have been aware of the Million Dollar Destiny Project and Mantool concept already.

Five of these contacts resulted in dead-ends or slow-progressing results.  It's possible they'll get back to me in the coming hours or days, but unlikely.

I was able to bootstrap eleven of these contacts to a point where I could pitch the Mantool concept to a valuable individual within the company.  My audience was roughly split between decision makers and non-decision makers.  In the case of the former, I presented the idea directly; in the case of the latter, I presented the idea persuasively enough to create an evangelist for my cause within the target company.  In all eleven of these companies, the concept for the Mantool was presented or escalated to terminal decision makers (BSTPs, or buck-stops-there-persons).

As of late today, I have heard back from all eleven of the corporations I pitched the Mantool concept to.  I've had nine decline, and two companies whose production quality didn't warrant my continued effort, but who both wanted to proceed under a profit-sharing model.

So, yesterday's good news and bad news remains the same:  We're being taken seriously, but declined universally because our product concept doesn't match the business models that other companies pursue.

That tells me that the idea is excellent and sound, and that my presentation of it is effective and flexible...and that perhaps I am learning a hard, but valuable lesson in business strategy.

My work ethic and that of the team around me remains undiminished; we have over thirty hours left to keep working on the business, and we'll go right up until the last minute if we need to.

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