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7/8/2006, Day 23 Journal: Why isn't there an American Roast? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Saturday, 08 July 2006

I finally found a real coffee shop in this city.

Yeah, I know, there's probably hundreds.  Certainly enough various wall-holes and corporate chains to drown two New Yorks, plus the high-end places that have five-star food and coffee to match.  (The story behind that is that a sponsor set me up with a $100 account with this ultra upscale Italian restaurant so I could have all the good coffee I could drink for the second half of this project.  They serve a great Italian roast, naturally; very smooth and constant.)

Mugs, my old haunt back in Colorado sent me a pound of their best blend and a french press.  (Actually, it's a french press travel mug, which may possibly be the coolest invention ever, but don't let the invention industry press hear me say that.)  And...wow.  I forget how good the Silver Canyon coffee coffee is.  It actually beats the imported Italian stuff some days.  Depending on your mood.

The last week has definitely been a blend week; the bold coffee that french press has in it was perfect; I could make real coffee and be my own traveling haunt.  And, for the record, yes, I blew through a pound of coffee in four days, which may be a new personal best...also for the record, that rate exactly matches the combined consumption rate of all the dancers in a certain professional ballet company.  Full force on all fronts, trying to push all the flavors in this project around at the same time, and, of course, really only getting a general mélange as a result...but a beautiful one. 

Back in Fort Collins there used to be a perfect, real coffee shop; this was years ago.  It was the place the old-style goth and punk and cybertech congregated from all over northern Colorado; I think it was in its third iteration when I was a regular there.  Their incredible chai recipe aside, they had a house dark roast that was unparalleled. It cut through any other flavor like a demon razor cuts through hard, irrational stubble (note me making both an Occam's razor AND a Sweeney Todd reference, both of which I have encountered in NYC this week).  This week . . . this week is going to be a dark roast, I can tell it already.  Hard and strong, something that has an unstoppable character. 

Today, I managed to connect with long-known but never-met connections from the same kinds of circles that used to inhabit that old coffee shop.  And, boy, was that refreshing to have in the middle of all this insanity, especially the random taking of the Staten Island ferry.  (Thanks, ike and whit537!)

Ike recommended a little cafe in the East Village to find good coffee and a wireless connection to use the laptop that Whit donated, and sure enough, they've got a vienna roast.  But what's more, they've got that old atmosphere that a real coffee house has:  The kind of place where ideas and dialogue are exchanged.  Where people express their ideas and talk about their dreams freely.

And really, that makes it perfect for the last week of this project.  And perfect for me.


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