7/6/2006: Staff and Volunteers Updated
Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 06 July 2006
Staff and Volunteers

Executive Board
Remi Frazier, Executive Director
Grant Bennett, Business Strategy Lead
Meridith Crosley, Personal Positioning Lead
Rick Blodgett, Volunteer Coordinator

Professional Advisory Board 
Anonymous New York Attorney, SME/Consultant - Patent Law
Alan Frazier, SME/Consultant - Software Project Development
David Frazier, SME/Consultant - Design, Drafting and Machining
Lissy Garrison, SME/Consultant - Marketing and Positioning
Julia Stroup, SME/Consultant - Industrial Design

Executive Staff 
Brooke Baldwin, Marketing and Positioning Consultant
Megan Fitzgerald, On-Call Research Consultant
Cade Hooker, Business Consultant
Adam Stowe, Business Consultant 
Chad Whitacre, Business Consultant NEW!

Camcie Foster, International Sales Specialist

Erin McConkey, Executive Assistant
Sean Locke, Copy Editor

Kevin Pimple, Honorary Social Director

Mantool Product 
Paul Miller, Graphic and Web Designer
Tres Freeman, Market Research
Shane Sheridan, Market Research 
Jesse Coffelt, Market Research

Million Dollar Destiny Online 
Andrew Young, Graphic and Web Designer

Talia Davis, Website Administrator
Renee Pichette, Website Administrator

Ryan Blume, Marketing Assistant
Grant Garrison, Marketing Assistant
James Romano Levy, Marketing Assistant
Rob Kuykendall, Marketing Assistant 

Nick Kargel, Editor and Production Assistant
Joe Keilman, Editor and Production Assistant 

Kristofor Daub, Blogosphere Analyst

Million Dollar Destiny Filmworks
Chris Kuckenbaker, executive producer
Jon Marsh, executive producer
Wil Robar, executive producer

Perry Anderson, assistant cameraman  

Rebecca LaPole, assistant editor  
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