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6/27/2006, Day 12 Journal: A stormy kind of love PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Wednesday, 28 June 2006

The city's lights hammered up into the mists of the sky above, driving great shafts of light out into the fog above, tendrils of the metropolis eternally seeking to touch the heavens above. Walking through downtown, my eyes found themselves wandering south again and again, looking for buildings that are now long gone. I don't know why I can't forget them. I don't know that I want to.

Then the rain comes, not the light showers from earlier in the night, but a quick taste of a real storm, cascading from above for just a few moments. I'm already outside walking, but I stop to just take it all in. Just to find the moment.

When I first determined that I couldn't handle another corporate job and started freelancing, I'd work two or three gigs back to back to keep up with my clients. To get from place to place on time, I used to drive some of the back highways in Colorado a bit faster than I should. One of the roads had a ten mile stretch with no sight obstructions, a brand new surface, and no other traffic at 3am, and one night when I ran it with my windows down and sunroof open, I found something magical. As I accelerated, the noise and force of the air crashing into the car grew from a lion's roar into a terrible fury, growing more and more furious until I thought I couldn't stand it any more . . . and then it just vanished . . . The slipstream around the vehicle got so big that the wind wasn't reaching into it anymore, and it became dead quiet inside. I discovered that night that there are often two places of calm one can find: When you're perfectly still, calmly finding the beauty in the things around you . . . and when you're moving so quickly that the things around you blend into an entirely new kind of perfection.

When the rain and the wind really come here, it's like they both happen at once, just for a moment.

And it's beautiful.


Listening to: Pet Shop Boys, New York City Boy. No kidding.

Times lost for no good reason: 43 (4 new)
- You're on the wrong side of Times Square. Think about it . . . that means you're going in the wrong direction. Just go back to where you were and start over. What do you mean, "Where is that?" Seriously, dude, you just filmed there. Refer to the tape or something.
- Running from overzealous security guards is no excuse.
- Neither are construction sites.
- Why were you in there, anyway? How was that a good idea? Did it seriously not occur to you that the broken revolving door might still open?
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