8/8/2006: Annnnnd we're back online.
Written by Remi Frazier   
Monday, 24 July 2006

Howdy, folks!

Apparently when I said "We'll be updating very frequently" in the last update, what I actually meant was "I'll be exactly as busy in Colorado as I was in New York, but with a social life to recover and an improv troupe to rejoin."  Which is also to say, I'm slowly catching up on sleep and friends alike, and getting back into the full swing of things again now. 

Meanwhile, what you've missed:

  • We've continued to help the transition of the Mantool to Innovative Learning Labs in Washington; this means working on the 3D model and prototyping process as well as furthering manufacturing and investment connections to help ILL.  (We would be a bad business incubator indeed if we didn't continue to support ILL while they get this off the ground.)
  • We've catalogued some (but not all) of the film shot in NYC and have finished a rough outline of the film
  • I've started a rough outline of the book and look forward to writing again more than anything else right now
  • We've put together a very exciting reality show proposal and will finalize it to pitch over the coming weeks


Many things yet to come, including a content rewrite here and a better picture of where this is all going.  We'll be updating very frequently, going into the future.  (*grin*)



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