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Thursday, 22 June 2006

June 22, 2006.

This is the Million Dollar Destiny project. It's about chasing the American Dream to see if there is still universal opportunity in our country. I hope I'll find that there is.

My name is Remi Frazier. On June 16, I left Colorado with $100, a cell phone, and a one-way plane ticket to New York City. Thirty days later, I'll return to Colorado with a million dollars.

I've never been to New York before. When I arrived, I didn't have a place to stay, a network of people in the city, or any prospects. I started with nothing, and through drive, desire and goodwill, I've stayed afloat, started a business, and am steadily building a social and business network.

I've found a place to sleep almost every night, been given enough food to make it through each day, and even found a high-tech studio in Manhattan to work out of. I have been astonished by the day-to-day charity of New Yorkers, as well as the volunteership of people who have contacted me from across the country.

I started building a core staff starting on Day 1, and things have grown explosively ever since. The project's volunteer staff list grows every day, a team of people working beyond reasonable expectation to try to see it come to fruition. Industry experts in a variety of fields have also stepped forward to assist, providing free consultations and work to support what will hopefully become a million-dollar concept.

To shoot for this goal, we've put together a product line which we think has value well above the target mark.  It is The Mantool, a customizable multi-tool.  Check out its website at www.mymantool.com.  It is a product that will sell across an existing market niche; more specifically, it is the next natural progression of an existing product.  We are now finalizing product design and development and refining the website and marketing approach.  We are also finalizing our pitch proposal and setting up meetings with the goal of selling the whole product line and its intellectual property outright to an existing company.   The product will exist within a market whose chief players currently have sales in the $80M/year range; consumer response to the new product concept has been universally exhuberant.

Response to this project has been overwhelming, and is increasing every day. Thank you for your interest and support; don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, comments, questions...or a couch to crash on.

The project is updated many times through the day, so check back. And please . . . pass it on.

Remi Frazier
The Million Dollar Destiny project



0. Do no evil.
1. Take the first flight on Friday, June 16, from Denver International Airport to New York City
2. Since this means leaving from the Clown Box Improv show as it ends, take only what would an performer would normally bring to a show.
3. Bring no more than $100.00 in cash.
4. Allowed a cell phone, plus equipment necessary to film the project.
5. May not contact anyone in New York City or pursue any efforts in that city until 12:01AM on Friday, June 16.
6. Activities shall continue for exactly thirty days after the moment of commencement.
7. The project shall be deemed a "technical success" if one million dollars in cash and assets is made by the project over the course of thirty days.
8. The project shall be deemed a "success" if Remi Frazier ends the project with one million dollars in cash and assets.
9. The project shall be deemed a "complete success" if Remi Frazier ends the project with one million dollars in cash, after all taxes are paid and accounts settled.
10. Do no evil.

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