7/11/2006: We are now accepting donations!
Written by Remi Frazier   
Tuesday, 11 July 2006

The Million Dollar Destiny Project is now accepting donations and sponsorships from both individual and corporate entities.

Please be clear that we are NOT attempting to acquire $1,000,000 of donations in order to fulfill our stated business goal.  We are, however, looking for direct support to help fill specific business needs related to our final seven day push. 

We are NOT seeking investors at this time, and we are not a non-profit entity at this time.  Decide accordingly.

Know that your donations are absolutely treasured, and have become a big part of the project's story.  We started this project not expecting to seek, much less receive any sort of donations, but sure enough, they started coming in, unasked.  We've been very select about what we accept, accepting only money from aggressive donors who sought us out several times (a rabbinical test).

At this point, in the eleventh hour of the project, we feel it is appropriate to solicit what we really need.  We need help getting all of the elements of our final days together, from people to materials.  If you can help, please do.


If you're a corporation seeking to sponsor us with a large direct or in-kind donation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .  Also, please don't forget that you can sponsor the entire project and acquire the Mantool intellectual property and marketing rights for just one million dollars.  Think about it and let us know.

Previous Individual Donors

Rick Blodgett:  $100.00 account at Botteca del Vino
Karen and Dean Fixsen:  $200.00 discretionary
Cord Brundage:  $50.00 discretionary
Tina Lee:  $20.00 discretionary

Corporate Sponsorship

Image Design Partnership:  $200.00 discretionary
JX and Elvis / 92.3 Free FM:  $20.00 discretionary
Paul Miller Studios:  $6,000.00 in-kind; branding/logo/website design services
Splint Media:  $6,510.00 in-kind; website design and hosting services
Zeta Design & Development, LLC:  $600.00 in-kind; laptop donation 

Anonymous Sponsorship

$23.10 discretionary
$167.00 in-kind; business casual wardrobe
$80.00 in-kind; cell phone / charger / extra batteries

Miscellaneous Gifts

Ballet Nouveau Colorado/Talia Davis:  One box various feel-good items, including one pair lady's lingerie
Mugs Coffee Lounge/Brandon Laird:  One pound of Colorado's finest coffee and accoutrements
Meal sponsorships have been too extensive to list.

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