7/24/2006: Quick update
Written by Remi Frazier   
Monday, 24 July 2006

Howdy, all --

This is a very quick update on the proceedings of the last 48 hours here; many apologies (again) for its tardiness.

-  The Mantool Customizable Product line was sold on Saturday night to a Seattle-based startup company.  I'll help transition the work and idea to them, and then they plan to run with it.  All the way to the bank, I should expect.  (I promise to have a chat with the Business-Minded Me about why I didn't include a residual percentage in the auction.)

- To answer the immediate question I'm getting:  No, the fact that the product line sold for about $4K doesn't make the MDD project a failure.  I said from the beginning that this wasn't really about the accumulation of wealth, and the fact that hundreds of individuals and dozens of small businesses helped me along the way, and that the idea of this project inspired thousands more, and especially the fact that the Mantool was purchased by a small business with new dreams of their own, says to me that this project was a fantastic success.

- The work of this project is NOT done and will not be for a long time.  We have tape to edit, more film to shoot, a reality show to pitch, a book to write, a business to transition, and much much more over the coming weeks.  (The money from the sale and future work will continue to be recycled into the project until it ends; we'll get updated asset sheets up.)

- Moving forward, this website will be updated regularly again, mainly because...

- I have returned to Colorado, and very much look forward to a shower, bed and haircut.  In that order.

- I will return to New York, possibly soon to shoot more location footage, but failing that, hopefully in early September to shoot my next film.  For the record, Total Number Of Times Lost For No Good Reason stands at 105 over the period I was there, and the current Hate Mail to Lingerie Ratio is roughly 4:1 in favor of the hate mail.

- Total Number Of Times Lost For No Good Reason in Colorado remains at 0.  You don't get lost here, you just find something beautiful that you hadn't seen before.

- That applies to New York as well, but don't tell anyone I said that.


- Remi

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