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Written by Remi Frazier   
Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Positioning reports are posted daily. As much information as possible will be digested into a general qualitative summary about the state of the Million Dollar Destiny project, both filmworks and business efforts. Be advised that some business aspects may be discussed only in general terms to provide safety for their intellectual property rights, to preserve the sanctity of ongoing business negotiations, or to allow individuals or organizations anonymity.



Big batch of updates for the project websites tonight and through tomorrow. We identified a problem with the message of this thing: New viewers can be completely confused by it. And if we have any more major web sites push to us (thanks, Digg.com guys, and if y'all are reading this, a sincere thanks to the naysayers that replied to the article about this project there -- your criticism helps us look for problems in the project, and this message issue was a huge one), we need to be ready to inform them effectively. Further, we took measures today to deal with a potential hit by one of the real big boys; we'll soon be able to accomodate a CNN-level hit or [gods forbid] the Slashdot Effect.

Market research for the product line is pretty much all back in, at least in a preliminary fashion. I had about ten people fire feedback about it to me; the next step is to move forward on the design with that information, and deputize as many people as I can to set up focus groups and broader/deeper research into the thing to use for the final proposals. Website prelim design is -finally- finished and can move ahead now; database connectivity will be the next problem, but we have hosting set up finally. We also have further support available for us (on a contingency basis) for the pitch material. Several prototyping facilities have been found; we're looking for more.

A final batch of potential buyers for the product line have been identified; I can proceed with on-site review and start to network into their executive levels to set up meetings. The major hitch today was a fundamental question as to whether we can release the product line's ideas to the public at all (this was voiced earlier, but it came to a crux today and needs to be determined tomorrow). This is the problem: If we publicize the idea on the web, this may constitute publication, which could prohibit a patent on the idea. With no intellectual property rights, we have a serious problem selling the whole product line.

And that's a huge pain in my cowboy plank. This is not some Segway-level pre-release hype mechanism...I really want to tell people what we've been working our tails off on and show them the website and [I think] perfect branding. It's a great idea, a solid idea; it's a product improvement that will make a bunch of working-class folks have more pleasant days...but it's not some magic bullet invention. It's an improvement to something, not a new something, so it doesn't need to build its own market a la the Segway. And, frankly, I want to show it off.

We'll resolve this as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, the next thing for me to do is to finish putting together and start fine-tuning my pitch team. They'll have all the stress and all the expectation on them as this wraps up, so I want to start training them now.

Lots and lots more to do as a business, but everything is running very smoothly from an administrative side right now; everyone is working together beautifully. Thanks, all!

Two tapes of video was shot, with about half of it useful. Lots of audio again.


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