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7/2/2006, Day 16: Networking Report (including catchup data) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Remi Frazier   
Tuesday, 04 July 2006

Networking reports are posted daily. These reports review and summarize daily networking activities, providing quantitative information about the size of the network of people associated with the Million Dollar Destiny project. Reports will also present broad qualitative information about the capacity and health of the network around this project. Numbers in this report will occasionally change throughout any given day to correct data that was inaccurate at time of initial publication. Qualitative statements shall not be subject to amendment; any important errors will be noted in the succeeding day's report. These pages will be subject to format changes to create consistency throughout the project.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: 33 (5 new; this is some catchup from the past week, but more will follow)
- Coffee bought and filming conducted by a friend again yesterday.  Also he put up with me dragging him around Manhattan looking for various random things late at night.
- The guy who helped sponsor my phone in the first place is helping juggle some things to set up payment for it via another sponsor, in essence taking a lot more liability for the thing than he originally intended.
- The guys at Splint Media dropped money to purchase the
www.mymantool.com domain and set up hosting without any bother and of their own accord.  Thank you again, Andrew!
- A few very high-level connections are starting to come through to our network of people as folks shake down their own spiderwebs.  (This refers to a couple of specific things that Shall Not Yet Be Named.)  But thank you, Aviv and Jason.
- Folks I've stayed with in the city put together this incredible meal the other night -- I'm talking like, prime meat and other amazing stuff -- for which, among many other things, I just can't thank them enough for.

MEALS PROVIDED: 24 (1 new)

General staff: 23 (3 new)
Core staff (management and coordinators):5 (0 new)
Honorary staff: 1 (1 new)
Subject matter expert advisors: 5 (0 new)
Total staff: 32 (4 new)

Phone calls made by principal: 228 (711 total)
Phone time by principal: 18h13m (57h10m total)

Individual emails sent by principal: 115 (352 total)
Mass emails/recipients sent by principal: 1/250 (4/536 total)
Sum of emails sent by principal: 365 (888 total)

Phone calls made by staff: somewhere in the hundreds (approaching a thousand total)
Phone time by staff: somewhere in the scores of hours (approaching a hundred hours total)
Emails sent by staff, including forwarded mass emails: somewhere in the thousands (in the thousands total)

Total calls made: in the hundreds
Total phone time: over a hundred hours
Total emails: in the thousands

Video logs made by principal: 1 (16 total)
Blogs/reports made by principal: 6 (57 total)

Videos made by staff: 0 (2 total)
Blogs/reports made by staff: 0 (1 total)

NETWORK (one degree of separation)
National phone network: 256 estimated (3 added)
National email network: 443 estimated (2 added)

New York phone network: 72 (2 added)
New York email network: 18 (1 added)

Size of broadcast email list, including assured branching from other lists: 2400 estimated (0 added)
Size of MySpace friends list: 1007 (80 added)

Google unique/total instances of "Million Dollar Destiny": 64/735 (1/302 new)
Google unique/total instances of "Remi Frazier": 75/595 86/439 (-11/156 new)
Google unique/total instances of "Remi Frazier's Million Dollar Destiny": 39/407 (0/199 new)

Blogosphere references to "Remi Frazier": About 38 (about 1 new)
Blogosphere references to "Remi Frazier's Million Dollar Destiny": About 24 (about 0 new)

MySpace profile views: 6341 5565 (784 new)
Blog/report subscribers: 40 (0 new)
Blog/report comments: 15 (6 new)
All blog/report views: 5230 (592 new)

Video log subscribers:13 (0 new)
[ed. note:  I'm ditching calculating the video logs for now]
Video log comments: 6 (0 new)
Views of all video logs: 5134  (510 new) [filechange diff 271]

Personal event invitations: 6 (1 new)
Personal appearance invitations: 1 (0 new)

Media reports: 1 (1 new)
Media features: 0 (0 new)

Staff associated with the filmworks connected to the Million Dollar Destiny project are not currently listed, but staff working on the
realtime half of the project (MySpace, etc) are. Tracking categories are changing slightly to reflect data that can actually be tracked.
Phone and email activity by staff is now tracked very generally.  Video log tracking has been ditched; other metrics will probably follow; this report is taking too much time to compile.


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