6/25/2006, Day 10 Journal: A look inside the process [An entry that lets me not really write]
Written by Remi Frazier   
Monday, 26 June 2006

These journals are written every night, at the very end of the day. They're the last thing I do; it's how I make sure I can step away from the project and sleep with a clear head. I spend one to three hours before I write these, every night, to fill out the other end-of-day reports and double-check them for accuracy. (Yes, I know that's usually not enough; just think about the errors if they weren't cross-checked.)

Writing these entries lets me keep a grasp on my humanity through this process. During the day, I need to play SuperBusinessMan from Smallville, Colorado. Superbusinessman can't be too romantically passionate, or he scares the other businessmen away. (I had the same problem when I ran for office four years ago...SuperCandidateMan scared people away when he was too passionate; it ended in tears.)

It would be very easy to keep moving at that pace all night, but it's a really bad call. This whole thing is about rediscovering the hope and humanity in our country. SuperBusinessMan takes a back seat to that.

Two of my very good friends (and staffers) were injured in a serious car accident today. The word is that it looks like they'll both be okay.

Tonight, all my reflection and best wishes are with them.


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