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Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006

Networking reports are posted daily. These reports review and summarize daily networking activities, providing quantitative information about the size of the network of people associated with the Million Dollar Destiny project. Reports will also present broad qualitative information about the capacity and health of the network around this project. Numbers in this report will occasionally change throughout any given day to correct data that was inaccurate at time of initial publication. Qualitative statements shall not be subject to amendment; any important errors will be noted in the succeeding day's report. These pages will be subject to format changes to create consistency throughout the project.


- Stayed one night more than I was supposed to with my friend in Brooklyn; she made me another great dinner and let me sit in her living room for three hours making calls
- Was given three I've-been-saving-these-for-a-rainy-day silver dollars and lunch by a friend
- Walked into a business in Manhattan and was allowed access to an ultra high-tech studio to work . . . for the whole weekend . . . wow. And by that, I mean, wow. And by that, I mean that my lodging schedule means I won't be able to work there until Sunday, but, seriously, wow.

Volunteer staff: 11 (4 new)
Paid staff (direct or profit-sharing): 0 (0 new)
Subject matter expert advisors: 2 (0 new)
Total staff: 13 (4 new)

Phone calls made by principal: 62 (119 total)
Phone time by principal: 4h06m (5h44m total)
Emails sent by principal: 2 (2 total)

Phone calls made by staff: untracked (0 total)
Phone time by staff: untracked (0h0m total)
Emails sent by staff: untracked (0 total)

Total calls made: 119 (62 new)
Total phone time: 5h44m (5h44m total)
Total emails: 2 (2 total)

Video logs made: 2 (6 total)
Blogs/reports made: 4 (10 total)

NETWORK (one degree of separation)
National phone network: 165 estimated (25 added)
National email network: 358 estimated (3 added)

New York phone network: 15 (0 added)
New York email network: 0 (0 added)

Size of broadcast email list: 358 (3 added)
Size of MySpace friends list: 134 (27 added)

Google unique/total instances of "Million Dollar Destiny": 10/28 (3/6 new)
Google unique/total instances of "Remi Frazier": 37/134 (4/0 new)
Google unique/total instances of "Remi Frazier's Million Dollar Destiny": 1/1 (0/0 new)

MySpace profile views: 337 (135 new)

Blog/report subscribers: 7 (7 new)
All blog/report views: 337 (245 new)

Video log subscribers: 1 (1 new)
Today's views of today's video logs: 130
Today's views of old video logs: 139
Views of all video logs: 325 (269 new)

Media reports: 0 (0 new)
Media features: 0 (0 new)



Staff associated with the filmworks connected to the Million Dollar Destiny project are not currently listed, but staff working on the realtime half of the project (MySpace, etc) are. Tracking categories are changing slightly to reflect data that can actually be tracked. Phone and email activity by staff is not yet tracked.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 June 2006 )
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