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Written by Remi Frazier   
Thursday, 22 June 2006
Positioning reports are posted daily. As much information as possible will be digested into a general qualitative summary about the state of the Million Dollar Destiny project, both filmworks and business efforts. Be advised that some business aspects may be discussed only in general terms to provide safety for their intellectual property rights, to preserve the sanctity of ongoing business negotiations, or to allow individuals or organizations anonymity.



Spent quite a bit of time on the phone today with a product designer; she did a phenomenal job explaining the process that I'm looking at, from design to sales pitch.  She's also willing to help with the product sketches, etc, which is a huge step.  That was followed almost immediately by a chat with someone who does CAD/3D design for this general type of project.  We'll need to do some market / user research here in the next day or two to clarify some of the options on this product before proceeding into the remainder of the product design process.  Fortunately, that will give us some breathing room to catch up with the new Million Dollar Destiny website and keep chasing after investment banks and other contacts that can help broker a deal to sell this thing.

I also got some great information on manufacturing methods for the product, and will follow those up in the next two days.

Meanwhile, a big focus is going to be sorting out the message of the Million Dollar Destiny project from the product line and putting together PR for both.  Also we'll be working to better allocate volunteer resources to keep from burning anyone out.

A new trailer has been put together for the project and will be uploaded before Day 7 starts.

Staffing update:  Brought on two folks to help with market research today, as well as two subject matter experts whose product design skills complement each other perfectly.  Also added a copy-editor to help cover for writing typos that tend to show up after thirty-hour days.  Started to turn over website administration to current staff.

Plenty of audio was recorded today, including archiving and clearing out voicemail.  No film was shot.


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